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Screenshot of Terramex


(Grandslam, 1988)

Reviewed by Robert Small

Terramex tasks you with searching for a missing scientist in order to save the world. It's a platform game where you are required to find items to solve puzzles. For example, there may be a gap to cross or an area of the map that is seemingly out of reach. You're aided by porters (just like a Victorian adventurer!) and this allows you to carry many items at once. The graphics are nicely detailed with great music and good controls. There are five playable characters and the difficulty curve is gentle.

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Screenshot of Terres et Conquérants

Terres et Conquérants


(Ubi Soft, 1989)

The name means 'Lands and Conquerors' in English, and it's a huge battle between Eric the Red and Georg the Tyrant and their hordes of armies. This is a turn-based strategy game where you must move your own pieces and attack your opponent's, using skill, tactics and a bit of luck to defeat your opponent and conquer the land. It'll take something to beat the computer, since it seems to have a built-in advantage that allows it to inflict more damage on you than you can on it! The graphics are excellent, and the game comes with twelve scenarios, and you can even create your own as well.

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Screenshot of Terrormolinos


(Melbourne House, 1985)

You've booked a two-week package holiday to the Spanish resort of Terrormolinos with your family – but as you may have guessed, it's going to be the holiday from hell! You must first dash around the house and pack your suitcase with everything you need before you head to the airport. Once you're in Spain, you must take ten photographs of your stay to prove to your friends back home that you survived. This is a text adventure which turns out to be fairly easy to progress in, despite the rather limited parser. The pictures that are displayed are quite humorous, but they are very crudely drawn indeed and look like your CPC has become a Spectrum! The numerous game-ending mishaps that can happen to you also become quite frustrating and spoil what could have been a great adventure.

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Screenshot of Terrorpods


(Melbourne House, 1988)

Reviewed by Pug

The planet Colian is a desolate place that is rich in vital metals, minerals and gemstones. The empire has several bases upon the surface that the Federation is not happy about. Thus, you have been sent to destroy these bases in your Defence Strategy Vehicle. Scattered along the planet's surface are various buildings; some offer power-ups while others recharge your vehicle. Deadly Terrorpods patrol and defend the area and can be very difficult to destroy. There are a lot of controls to master in this strategy/shoot-'em-up game which will put a lot of people off. The graphics look good and move with a very impressive 3D effect that's let down by the sluggish frame rate. Targeting is a hit and miss affair that quickly becomes frustrating to the point where you're no longer bothered about your mission.

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Screenshot of El Tesoro Perdido de Cuauhtemoc

El Tesoro Perdido de Cuauhtemoc

(4Mhz, 2017)

Reviewed by Missas

This game sets new standards on how games for the CPC should be. To start with, the graphics are astonishing. There are a great variety of sprites with smooth animation, screens and backgrounds, and the overall atmosphere is excellent. Everything moves smoothly and fast, while the collision detection is perfect. Regarding the sound, a pleasant tune plays throughout the game and there are many effects. The game is very difficult and a lot of attempts will be needed to progress, since jumps have to be made with precision and timing as well as the use of bullets and dynamite. The gameplay poses a variety of challenges – blowing up stones, moving levers and collecting gems. The game itself is of remarkable quality, a real console-worthy gem. It could have been Rick Dangerous III. Don't you dare miss it!

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Screenshot of Tetris


(Mirrorsoft, 1987)

It's the game that helped to sell huge numbers of Nintendo Game Boys, and everyone knows how to play it; make full rows of blocks by slotting together pieces which fall from the top of the screen. Unfortunately, this version doesn't fare well at all; the graphics are garish, and the striped background is confusing. Add some terrible music and clumsy controls which can't be redefined, and you don't get a fun game. Thankfully, there are many much better versions for the CPC in the public domain.

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Screenshot of Thanatos


(Durell, 1986)

The forces of the underworld must be defeated by the mighty dragon, Thanatos the Destroyer. It's not often that you get the chance to play a dragon in a computer game. However, in order to complete your mission, you must first find and collect the beautiful sorceress Eros, and then fly onwards to find her spell book, and finally, fly to her cauldron where the spell can be cast. These are all to be found in locked castles, but the wooden entrance door can be burnt down. Your supply of fire is limited, and can be replenished by landing next to a witch, grabbing the knight from his horse and killing him, then eating the witch! There are many other unique things about this game; the parallax scrolling and animation of the dragon and the many opponents you can face are stunning, and the eight skill levels add a lot of replay value to this fantastic game.

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Screenshot of Theatre Europe

Theatre Europe

(PSS, 1985)

Reviewed by Guillaume Chalard

This is a wargame taking place during the Cold War era. You can choose your side (NATO or the Warsaw Pact) and the difficulty level. Then you move your units on a map representing Europe (which is really well drawn, by the way). When you select a battle, the screen turns into a little arcade game where you must shoot tanks and aircraft. It doesn't have a big influence on the results of the battles, however. At a certain point of the campaign, you can decide to use chemical or nuclear weapons, but this will often result in the complete destruction of the planet, so think twice before using them! A good, although a bit too repetitive, strategic game.

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Screenshot of Thing!


(Players, 1988)

Thing has been assigned to deliver The Ball to the Dingalinger Overlord. However, Thing must complete ten tasks before he is allowed to meet the Overlord. That's definitely one of the weirdest plots I've heard for a game! The planet that Thing wanders is divided into 26 zones which he can teleport between using a telephone box. There are lots of objects scattered over these zones, and it's up to you to discover which ones are used to complete tasks – but you are not informed when you have completed any! You must also avoid contact with the bouncing gargoyles which will cost you one of your five lives. The graphics tell you instantly that this game is a Spectrum port, and Thing moves at such a snail-like pace that the aim of the game seems to be to try to stay awake.

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Screenshot of Thing Bounces Back

Thing Bounces Back

(Gremlin Graphics, 1987)

Reviewed by John Beckett

Thing is on a mission to locate parts of a computer program which will stop the production of evil toys that the factory he's in is churning out. Now this is no easy task, as not only is the game immense, and not only are there typically weird bad guys everywhere, but also Thing, only being able to jump, is one of the hardest game characters ever to control! On the plus side, though, the graphics are great – lots of detail and very colourful, and Thing is a cute little guy – and the sound is OK too; nothing great, but serviceable. In fact, the game is way above average; it's just so hard! But just suspend the belief that you'll ever finish it, and you'll find a pretty fun game here. It's got everything a platform gamer could desire.

See also: Thing on a Spring.

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