Page 1: Table Football – Tapper
Page 2: Target Plus – Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Page 3: Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: The Coin-Op – Terminus
Page 4: Terra Cognita – Theatre Europe
Page 5: They Stole a Million – 3D Fight
Page 6: 3D Grand Prix – 3D Time Trek
Page 7: 3-D Voice Chess – Thunder Burner
Page 8: Thundercats – Time Scanner
Page 9: Times of Lore – TLL
Page 10: Toadrunner – Top Top
Page 11: Total Eclipse – Track Suit Manager
Page 12: Traffic – The Trap Door
Page 13: Trashman – Trivial Pursuit: A New Beginning
Page 14: Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition – Tuma-7
Page 15: Turbo Boat Simulator – Turrican
Page 16: Turrican II – 2112 AD
Page 17: Typhoon
Screenshot of Toadrunner


(Ariolasoft, 1986)

The Toadrunner has been turned into a toad by the Stone Master, and he must find his Princess before he can regain his human form. You can carry up to four objects at a time, each of which is stored in a pocket, but only the object in the fourth pocket can be used. Most of the rooms are blocked by various creatures who can only be defeated with the right object – and in some cases, two objects are required. It’s a matter of trial and error as to which object(s) to use, and if you get it wrong, you are killed instantly. Worse still, there are ‘triple exits’ where you must select one of three exits to go to another screen; choose the wrong one and you are again killed instantly! There are small clues to be found in the scenery as to which exit to use, but they’re easy to miss and difficult to interpret. I couldn’t really get anywhere in this game; it’s far too frustrating.

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Screenshot of Toi Acid Game

Toi Acid Game

(Iber Soft, 1989)

Toi and his girlfriend Zoi were visiting a disco, dancing the night away to 1980s rave music, when the nasty Dr Acid took her away. Obviously, Toi must now rescue her. This is a very dull game consisting of four parts, in which you collect smiley tokens and shoot lots of smileys in order to reach other areas of each level; collect enough of them and you can go to the next one. This game really immerses itself in rave culture and doesn’t take itself too seriously. After leaving the disco, Toi visits a beach, a pirate ship, and a vampire’s castle! However, the levels are very large and Toi walks very slowly, so the game quickly becomes boring. The graphics and colour scheme are truly awful, and this is a game to avoid. Actually, that’s not quite true; the girl on the loading screen is a hot babe!

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Screenshot of Tokyo Gang

Tokyo Gang

(GLL, 1990)

Reviewed by John Beckett

You are a member of a Tokyo street gang who has somehow found himself on a strange alien planet full of wandering monsters, undead fiends and other assorted menaces (these things happen, I guess). The aim is simply to travel from left to right (similiar to Vigilante or The Ninja Warriors), jumping over, ducking from and nunchaku-ing anything that comes in your way, until you reach the end of the level, of which there are six. And that’s easier said than done! Just one life, a rapidly disappearing energy bar and a non-stop army of enemies means this is a typically impossible Spanish game! Yet it’s still fun for a while, mainly due to the nice (though not very colourful) graphics and the way that every go takes you that little bit further.

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Screenshot of Tomahawk


(Digital Integration, 1986)

Reviewed by Robert Small

Yet another quality flight simulator for the Amstrad CPC. Your aircraft of choice is the Apache AH-64 helicopter gunship, which CPC owners can also unleash in Gunship. With this being a flight simulator, you will need patience and a period of acclimatisation to learn the controls. Tomahawk doesn’t have many missions for you to take on, but it features a variety of enemies (tanks and helicopters) and landmarks (buildings, mountains and trees) throughout the vast landscape you fly over. This is all handled reasonably well by the graphics engine – fairly smooth and with good use of vector graphics. The difficulty, weather and time of day can all be configured. Indeed, the night flying is a particular highlight with its eerie black and red colour scheme. The engine and weapon sounds are just about right. Better than Gunship? It’s very hard to choose.

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Screenshot of Tom and Jerry 2

Tom and Jerry 2

(Magic Bytes, 1989)

Tom and Jerry are arguably two of the world’s best known cartoon characters, and in this platform game, you play the role of Jerry, roaming around four levels of a house trying to find cheese to satisfy his hunger, while avoiding falling into Tom’s clutches. If Tom catches you, you’ll lose 30 seconds of time. Between each level there is a short tunnel where Jerry can collect more cheese to gain some extra time. Once you’ve collected all the cheese, you must return to the first level and defuse a bomb that Tom has left for you. Tom and Jerry are both well animated, although some of the backgrounds are garish, and the sound effects are very limited. Jerry moves rather slowly and he can be very awkward to control, and negotiating the furniture is often frustrating, so it’s not much fun to play.

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Screenshot of Tomcat


(Players, 1989)

A vertically scrolling shoot-’em-up which sees you flying a fighter jet over four levels, shooting targets in the air and on the ground. The playing area can also be scrolled left or right, since the area that you can see is rather small. Unfortunately it’s annoyingly difficult; the bullets are large red circles which are hard to avoid, especially when they appear without warning from either side of the screen. The collision detection seems to be poor, and so are the graphics. The scrolling is slow and the sound is also lacking. There are better shoot-’em-ups available and it’s best to avoid this one.

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Screenshot of Toobin’


(Domark, 1989)

Biff and Jet are the Tube Dudes, preparing to go toobin’ down the rapids in their inflatable tubes. The game can be played by one or two players, and the journey takes you through many different types of scenery. Of course, there are the usual assortment of enemies on the banks of the river which you must avoid, but you can also throw beer cans at them. You’ve got a very limited number of them, although more cans can be found along the river. Other obstacles include branches and logs which will burst your tube – and if you’re too slow, the alligator will catch you! This is a reasonably good game, especially with two players; the music is marvellous, but the graphics could have been a lot better – and don’t play the game using the keyboard!

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Screenshot of Top Cat

Top Cat

(Hi-Tec Software, 1991)

Top Cat has offered Benny the Ball to a wealthy millionairess, but when she dies, her butler realises he can get the money if he can get rid of Benny. Top Cat decides to thwart the butler’s plan. This is a game with three parts. The first part is set in the alleys, where TC (as he’s also known) finds the four gang members and has to get past the dog guarding the exit. The second part is set in a leafy residential area, and you must find a way to get past Officer Dibble, before entering the mansion and finding and rescuing Benny. Like most of Hi-Tec Software’s games, the graphics are colourful, although there are few sound effects. The playing area is quite big, so making a map will be helpful, but the game is hardly exciting and action-packed.

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Screenshot of Top Gun

Top Gun

(Ocean, 1986)

Strap yourself into the seat of an F-14 Tomcat fighter jet and fly into the danger zone! Your aim on each mission is to destroy three enemy fighters in a straightforward dogfight. Initially, this is relatively easy, but on subsequent missions, the enemy fighters become more manoeuvrable and will use their missiles against you. The game is a mixture of a flight simulator and a shoot-’em-up, but it lacks some of the necessary elements of both genres. As a flight simulation, the vector graphics are impressive and fast, but that’s because there’s no scenery at all! As a shoot-’em-up, there’s very little variety, as each mission has exactly the same aim as the previous ones. The two-player game may offer more long-term enjoyment, but the one-player game won’t.

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Screenshot of Top Top

Top Top

(Rantan Games, 2015)

Reviewed by Missas

Top Top was an entry for the 2015 #CPCRetroDev Game Creation Contest. It is a really original idea; you take control of two cute female magicians and you have to make them cooperate to progress through the levels. The game is displayed in Mode 0 and while the colours are vivid, the sprites appear a little coarse. A catchy tune plays throughout the game and there are also some nice sound effects. The gameplay is really interesting and enjoyable and the grab factor is strong. The level design is smart and challenging. It is essentially a very smartly executed puzzle game that combines some elements of platform games. It is definitely one of the most interesting games I’ve played for some time.

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