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Page 3: SAS Combat Simulator – Scooby and Scrappy Doo
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Page 6: Sepulcri – Shadow Dancer
Page 7: Shadow of the Beast – Sharkey's Moll
Page 8: Sharpe's Deeds – Shovel Adventure
Page 9: Shufflepuck Café – Sim City
Page 10: The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants – Skateboard Kidz
Page 11: Skate Crazy – Sky Hunter
Page 12: Skyx – Small Games for Smart Minds
Page 13: S*M*A*S*H*E*D – Snowstrike
Page 14: Soccer Challenge – Solar Empire
Page 15: Solar Warrior – Sorcerers
Page 16: Sorcery – Spaced Out
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Page 19: Spellbreaker – Spitfire 40
Page 20: Spitting Image – Spy vs Spy
Page 21: Spy vs Spy: Arctic Antics – Starboy
Page 22: Starbyte – Starquake
Page 23: Star Raiders II – Star Wars Droids
Page 24: Stationfall – Stormbringer
Page 25: Stormlord – Street Gang Football
Page 26: Street Hawk – Strike Force Harrier
Page 27: Striker – Stuntman Seymour
Page 28: Sub – Sultan's Maze
Page 29: Summer Games – Super Hero
Page 30: Superkid – Super Scramble Simulator
Page 31: Super Seymour Saves the Planet – SuperTed: The Search for Spot
Page 32: Super Tripper – Survivre
Page 33: Suspended – Syntax
Screenshot of Sub


(Gasoline Software, 1987)

Reviewed by CPC4eva

A French game where you play the role of an underwater diver armed with a spear gun. Your objective is to score points by killing seven different waves of underwater species (seahorses, clams, piranhas, sharks, stingrays, swordfish and turtles). Each wave has different score values; the first wave is worth ten points each, the next wave twenty points, and so on. Your energy bar is depleted by being hit by a creature. The gameplay is the same on each level, but each time you finish a level, the next time it becomes harder. The game has good controls and movement with large sprites for the diver and underwater creatures, and the animation of the diver falling into the water between levels is nicely done. It’s a simplistic, easy, repetitive game, although I’m not sure environmentalists would let a game like this be released nowadays.

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Screenshot of Subbuteo


(Electronic Zoo, 1990)

Many football fans will remember growing up with Subbuteo, the table football game where you flick the players using your finger. It’s been around since 1947, and this is obviously a computer adaptation of the game – and surprisingly, the concept works rather well. Each player takes it in turn to fire the ball using one of their players; if a player doesn’t hit the ball or fouls another player, play passes to the other team. There are also opportunities for ‘defensive flicks’ and ‘positional flicks’ which allow you to adjust the positions of your players. The graphics are crude, but that’s not a big problem. What is a problem is that even on the novice level, the computer is rather good, and aiming your players correctly is very tricky.

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Screenshot of Sub Hunter

Sub Hunter

(Psytronik Software, 2011)

Reviewed by Missas

In order to cover up an experiment gone wrong, the government tries to dispose of the evidence by dumping toxic waste into the sea. However, as a result, swimmers begin to go missing and mutated sea creatures spiral out of control. This is a job for you – Sub Hunter! In this scrolling shoot-’em-up, your task is to save the swimmers and survive in the hostile seas. The graphics are detailed, colourful and well drawn with a fine colour selection, so the visual result is excellent. The intro graphics are hand-drawn and there is parallax scrolling during the gameplay. The in-game music creates a stressful atmosphere. The gameplay is fast-paced with accurate control response of the submarine, while the difficulty level is balanced as levels progress. The grab factor is strong. Overall, what we have here is a new CPC jewel.

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Screenshot of Subsunk


(Firebird, 1985)

Reviewed by Piero Serra

You are Ed Lines, a reporter for the Seafarer Gazette, assigned to nuclear submarine the Sea-Lion, which is attacked by an enemy power while you are on board. You find a place to hide, but when you emerge, it seems the crew have been captured and the place is deserted. You must escape; the problem is that the submarine is lying on the seabed. This is a rather basic text adventure made using The Quill. What raises this one is the witty prose and the descriptions of the locations, which make it seem as if the authors actually knew something about submarines. The puzzles are logical and have just about the right level of difficulty, although it is possible to get into unwinnable situations. The parser is basic but not too much of a hindrance. Only the very rudimentary graphics and a few glaring typos lower the bar (sorry for the pun!).

See also: Seabase Delta.

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Screenshot of Subtera Puzlo

Subtera Puzlo

(EgoTrip, 2013)

Reviewed by Missas

Subtera Puzlo was an entrant in CPCWiki’s 16KB ROM game development competition held in 2013. As the name implies, it is a puzzle/arcade game. You control an insect and you need to avoid the other subterranean insects and collect the coins before the time limit ends. The game begins with a catchy tune which I particularly enjoyed. The graphics are drawn in Mode 1 and are highly detailed and well designed. The on-screen colours change from level to level. The levels are neatly and carefully designed, and there are some nice sound effects. The gameplay is great with perfect collision detection and non-stop action. Thus, the grab factor is very strong. The game has many levels to complete and you will not get bored of it easily. Overall, this is a magnificent game that hides its size (only 16 kilobytes!).

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Screenshot of Subterranean Stryker

Subterranean Stryker

(Amsoft, 1985)

Travel through five levels of a subterranean cave system in your spaceship, rescuing the miners who have been kidnapped by the aliens. Each level contains eight men, several aliens that must be shot, and a lot of other hazards. It’s a bit like Defender in that the game is horizontally scrolling and there’s a scanner at the top of the screen showing a map of the level and the positions of both the men and the aliens. However, the cave passages are very narrow, and there are often moving hazards that block and unblock them, so some very precise positioning and timing is required. The poor collision detection and occasionally flickery graphics spoil the game even more.

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Screenshot of Subway Vigilante

Subway Vigilante

(Players, 1989)

The London Underground is a dangerous place in this scenario; the stations are filled with muggers and thugs. It’s up to you to clear the stations and make them safe for London’s citizens. From the very start, you are heavily outnumbered as skinheaded, bare-chested fighters close in on you, approaching you from both sides, and beat you up mercilessly. It’s difficult enough to kill the required number of enemies to go to the next level, but to make things worse, when you lose energy, you have to start the level all over again! It’s not a good game anyway, as movement is sluggish and the graphics have been converted straight from the Spectrum. The music is the only positive thing that’s worth mentioning about this poor game.

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Screenshot of Sudoku


(Cronosoft, 2008)

Reviewed by Missas

Sudoku arrives on the CPC thanks to Kevin Thacker. In this puzzle game, the objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column and row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the grid, contain all of the digits from 1 to 9. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid, which typically has a unique solution. There are only four colours, but there is no need for more. Furthermore, an Oriental-style tune plays during the game. There are three game modes, one of which gives the player the opportunity to create a sudoku puzzle as he or she may like. This automatically gives infinite depth to the gameplay, thus the grab factor is really strong. If you like sudoku, simply do not miss this game.

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Screenshot of Sudoku Master

Sudoku Master

(Binary Sciences, 2009)

Everyone should know about sudoku – the puzzle game in which you must fill a 9×9 grid, ensuring that each number from 1 to 9 appears only once in each row, column and 3×3 block. You can choose to play either a randomly generated puzzle from one of four difficulty levels, or attempt the “128 level challenge” – and if you somehow manage to solve all 128 levels, you really can crown yourself a Sudoku Master! The game is very well presented indeed, which isn’t surprising, as the programmer was involved in the French demo scene for many years. Some of the colour schemes are horrible, though – but thankfully, you can change them easily. The music that plays during the game is quite relaxing and not distracting. Fans of sudoku will certainly enjoy it.

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Screenshot of Sultan’s Maze

Sultan’s Maze

(Amsoft, 1984)

Six rubies belonging to the Sultan of Baghdad are hidden inside Hampton Court maze. However, the ghost of the Sultan’s bodyguard still roams the maze and is waiting to catch any intruders! Your task is to collect all six of these rubies. Unfortunately, the game is written entirely in BASIC, and it takes ages to draw your view each time you move. Your energy decreases quickly as well, and it’s only possible to rescue one ruby at a time before re-entering the maze; in summary, it’s extremely boring.

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