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Screenshot of Jammin’


(Amsoft/Taskset, 1985)

Rankin’ Rodney has to gather his four instruments which are scattered about the screen. Each instrument is in a separate corner, but the screen is divided into several areas of different colours, and Rodney can only move from one area to the other by using the conveyor belts. There are also musical notes which float about, and running into them causes Rodney to lose whatever instrument he’s carrying. It’s hard to avoid them, and that’s what lets this game down. Mind you, it’s worth playing just to listen to the funky music!

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Screenshot of Jarlac


(Retrobytes Productions, 2018)

Reviewed by Missas

Jarlac is an arcade adventure where you take control of Jarlac the Warrior, who wanders in a forsaken land and must face the evil sorcerer in order to rescue his beloved girl. To begin with, the graphics are really good, detailed and colourful. The sprites are very well drawn and they have a satisfactory variety. The map is very well designed and there are interesting background elements such as running water and multiple types of scenery. The enemies are smart and aggressive and they will give you a hard time. The sound is good with an in-game tune and sound effects. The playability is quite good, too; the difficulty rises gradually and the gameplay is balanced. It is neither too difficult nor too easy to finish. Overall, a very good game indeed!

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Screenshot of Jet Bike Simulator

Jet Bike Simulator

(Code Masters, 1988)

Ride your jet bike around several courses and try to beat the other three riders to cross the line first. Three sets of courses (lakes, docklands and coastlines) are on offer, and you can select standard and expert levels. Standard level requires you to complete the course within a certain time; it doesn’t matter if you come last. However, if you fail to beat any of the other three players on expert level, you’re out. The graphics are beautiful and there’s some nice music and digitised speech. I think the expert mode is far too hard, though.

See also: Championship Jet Ski Simulator.

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Screenshot of Jet-Boot Jack

Jet-Boot Jack

(Amsoft/English Software, 1984)

Jack likes listening to groovy music, and in this platform game, he has to collect all the musical notes on each level, while avoiding all the hazards – and there are many of those. There is a total of ten levels, and you must manoeuvre Jack around each screen, being careful to get on and off the lifts and moving platforms at the correct moment. You’ll also have to watch your head; there are stalactites and monsters protruding from the ceilings, and if you touch them, you’ll lose a life. There is also an energy bar which needs to be replenished frequently. This is a fast-paced game which is marred by being very difficult indeed. There are so many obstacles on each screen, and you rarely have time to think! It’s a shame, because the game would otherwise be fun to play.

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Screenshot of Jetpac


(40Crisis, 2014)

When this game was originally released for the ZX Spectrum in 1983, players were gobsmacked; it set a new standard for arcade games on the humble Spectrum. This is an emulated version of the game which uses the code from the Spectrum version, and it’s lost little of its quality. You are a space pilot who has to assemble rockets and collect fuel for the rocket in order to escape from each level, while simultaneously dodging aliens and shooting them with your laser. The graphics are basic (although stippling is used to give the impression of more colours) and the sound effects are mediocre by the CPC’s standards, but once you start playing this game, it’s difficult to pull yourself away from it. The concept is really simple but it’s very fast-paced indeed and there is a real urge to have one more go.

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Screenshot of Jet Set Willy

Jet Set Willy

(Software Projects, 1985)

Reviewed by John Beckett

The sequel to the classic Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy is another of those strange games where you jump around impossibly difficult screens and avoid weirdly abstract bad guys. The story behind this one is that, having just bought a mansion and had a huge house-warming party, his housekeeper won’t let him into his bedroom until he gathers all the trinkets from around the mansion’s grounds that his guests have scattered about. So instead of firing her on the spot, Willy sets out to do just that. The graphics are colourful and actually quite good in a simplistic way, and there are a few nice sound effects, but don’t even think about finishing this game! Despite being supplied with an unholy amount of lives, this game sets new standards in difficulty! The mansion is too huge, the monsters are too plentiful, and it doesn’t even tell you how many items are left to get! Nevertheless, a fun and addictive game.

See also: Manic Miner.

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Screenshot of The Jetsons

The Jetsons

(Hi-Tec Software, 1992)

Reviewed by Robert Small

Hi-Tec Software had a fairly good track record with its CPC releases. The Jetsons isn’t anywhere near their best output, though. It does feature colourful Mode 0 graphics (which is a hallmark of Hi-Tec Software) although the scrolling on the flying saucer stages judders. The rendition of the famous TV series tune is quaint, but the in-game music is better. The gameplay is mixed between collecting items and avoiding enemies as one of the Jetson clan, and arcade action at the helm of your flying saucer. It’s a little bit tedious. Fans of the TV series will get the most out of it.

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Screenshot of Jewel Warehouse

Jewel Warehouse

(EgoTrip, 2016)

Amy has to collect 462 jewels scattered throughout her warehouse in order to prepare for the arrival of the Cyborg Queen. Each of the 42 levels contains ten jewels, and you must collect all of them within the time limit. If you manage to complete the level with more then ten seconds remaining on the clock, you will receive a bonus jewel. The concept of this platform game is very simple, but it’s fun to play. The graphics are clear and detailed and there are a couple of merry little tunes to listen to on the main menu and while you play. The levels are very cleverly designed and the inclusion of a time limit adds to the challenge.

See also: Chaos Rising, Concave, Ice Slider, Potato Rescue, A Prelude to Chaos.

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Screenshot of Jimmy Business

Jimmy Business


(Excellence, 1985)

If you have ever wanted to know what it’s like to run your own shop, this game may well interest you. You are the owner of a small toy shop in a little town, but you have greater ambitions. Customers will enter your shop and ask for an item, and you have to walk over to the display and fetch it for them. If you take too long doing this, or the item isn’t available and you fob off the customer with excuses, he or she walks out and your reputation diminishes. At the end of each day, you must replenish your stock. Eventually, you should earn enough money to expand your business by moving to a better location and selling other items such as clothes, books, electrical equipment and computer games. This is actually a fairly entertaining game with colourful, cheerful graphics, although some people may find it rather easy and lacking any real challenge.

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Screenshot of Jimmy’s Soccer Manager

Jimmy’s Soccer Manager

(Beyond Belief, 1992)

You would think that with all the football management games that have been released for the CPC, that this one, released in 1992, would be excellent – but some people never learn. You’re the new manager of Kettering FC, who finished third from bottom in the Conference league last season, and you’re entrusted with restoring the team’s fortunes. There are several things wrong with this game. The transfer market system is stupid; the players magically become defenders, midfields or forwards depending on what vacancies you have in your team, and the game is far too hard – you’re doing well if you score any goals in the entire season! There isn’t even an option to save the game! This game definitely belongs in the relegation zone.

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