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Screenshot of Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase

(Hi-Tec Software, 1991)

Hit the road in a classic 1959 Chevy car as you drive across America to reach your girlfriend. The game consists of four stages, each divided into four sections. You're racing against the clock, and the other drivers on the road don't make life easy. As you progress to the next section, the sky changes colour and your time is extended, and at the end of each stage, it's time to rest and relax. There are also 'auto centres' on each stage where you can upgrade your car. The graphics are marvellous and really colourful, and you can even choose the colour and model of your own car. The music at the start of the game isn't that good, but the game is great fun to play and the difficulty level is just right.

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Screenshot of Chibi Akuma(s)

Screenshot taken from Plus version of game

Chibi Akuma(s)

(Keith Sear, 2016)

Reviewed by Missas

This is the first CPC game from Keith Sear, who was able to not only learn Z80 programming, but also to deliver this amazing game (both in technical and gameplay terms) in only five months! Chibi Akuma(s) is a deluge of non-stop action, skilfully designed sprites and humour. You take control of Chibiko, who is despised so much that not even Hell will let her in, so she remains as an undead vampire who harms others. The graphics are drawn in MODE 1 but there are more than four colours, and they change as you progress, so the result is magnificent. A tune plays throughout the game. There is a fantastic variety of sprites, and a vast number of them occupy the screen without any severe slowdown. The gameplay is challenging and the grab factor is very strong. Overall, this is something we weren't expecting to see on the CPC and it will blow you away!

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Screenshot of Chicago's 30

Chicago's 30

(Topo Soft, 1988)

Reviewed by Javier Sáez

Armed with a Thompson machine gun, you play the main role in a gangster movie that takes place in the streets of Chicago. Each time you're killed, a spectator leaves his seat. When you run out of lives, the cinema is empty and the game ends. Despite an original starting point, Chicago's 30 (which was released outside Spain as Chicago 30's) is far from being a good game. The graphics and the music are not bad, and the scrolling is decent, but rather than being a difficult game, it just happens to be boring and frustrating.

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Screenshot of Chickin Chase

Chickin Chase

(Firebird, 1987)

You're a male chicken in a farmyard, and along with your female partner, you have to make babies and protect the eggs that the hen lays. The eggs lie in nests on two shelves in a shed, and all the time, various animals enter the shed, climb up the ladder, and eat the eggs. You can scare them away by pecking at them, but if there are no eggs left, you lose a life. You need to make more eggs all the time by entering a small room where your partner is hiding – but then you won't be able to guard the eggs... The graphics are quite good and some nice tunes are played throughout, and it's a reasonably enjoyable game to play for a while.

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Screenshot of Des Chiffres et des Lettres

Des Chiffres et des Lettres


(Loriciels, 1987)

Those of you who are into crosswords, word games and mathematical problems might like this game, but everyone else will probably be bored by it. Play takes place against the computer, and you play alternate rounds of either a word or a numbers game. In the word game, you choose nine letters and try to make a word out of them, while in the numbers game, you choose six numbers and must find a way to obtain another, larger number using the six numbers. It's like the British TV quiz show, Countdown, really, and it's not very interesting.

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Screenshot of Chiller


(Mastertronic, 1985)

Reviewed by Pug

You are on a mission to rescue your girlfriend from the evil clutches of the haunted mansion. As you drive there, your car splutters and grinds to a halt. Undaunted, you continue on foot through a spooky forest, an oddly placed cinema displaying a film of the previous level, a ghetto, a scary graveyard, and finally the haunted mansion. Each single-screen level is filled with ghosts, ghoulies and worse. Collect all the blue crosses to progress to the next level. Upon saving your girlfriend, it's not game over! The graphics are based on the Commodore 64 version and look a little blocky and poor in places. A satisfying tune plays throughout and adds a fitting atmosphere to the game.

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Screenshot of Chimera


(Firebird, 1985)

A ghost ship, the Chimera, has appeared over the skies of the USA, which has decided to destroy it. Four warheads have been placed around the ship, and a robot, which you control, has been placed inside the ship to activate them. You must wander the corridors of the ship, finding objects and destroying barriers which are in your way by using the right object; if you use the wrong object, you will be electrocuted! The robot also requires a supply of food and water (eh?) which you will need to pick up regularly. The game uses isometric graphics and they're pretty good, although like several other games of its type, some of the colour schemes are horrible. A merry tune also plays on the menu. It's a fairly good game which will take a while to finish.

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Screenshot of Chip's Challenge

Chip's Challenge

(US Gold, 1991)

Chip Callahan fancies Melinda the Mental Marvel, but before he can join her Bit Busters club, she sets him a challenge of completing 144 levels of mental agility and dexterity. Chip has to collect computer chips on each of the levels, but they may lie behind locked doors or across a river or a wall of fire, or they may be guarded by monsters, so you'll need to find the coloured keys to open doors, and shields, magnets and boots to allow you to walk on fire, water, ice and conveyor belts. The graphics are fairly simple but the high-energy music is really good. It's a shame that the game isn't as fast as the music; Chip moves rather slowly and some of the levels are too big. There is a password for each level, though, which is good.

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Screenshot of Chopper Squad

Chopper Squad

(Interceptor Software, 1985)

This is a simple game in which you control a helicopter and build an aeroplane by collecting the necessary parts for it. The parts appear one at a time on the screen, the next part appearing after you have collected the current part and moved it to the bottom right of the screen. To make life more difficult, there are four aliens which float around the screen; if you touch any of them, you lose a life. At first it's a rather enjoyable game to play, even though the graphics are rather basic and a bit flickery. Unfortunately, this enjoyment doesn't last; by the third level, things become much more difficult, and there's very little variety between levels, anyway.

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Screenshot of La Chose de Grotemburg

La Chose de Grotemburg


(Ubi Soft, 1987)

The village of Sadiphinrol has being terrorised by – well, something. Your partner's blood-covered body is lying in the kitchen, and you want revenge, but you learn that many other villagers have also been massacred. This French text adventure is rather good, although there are few characters to meet (which is perhaps not surprising!), and your ability to interact with them is very limited. The pictures that accompany each of the many locations are very well drawn indeed and really add atmosphere to the game, and the excellent music on the loading screen is also worth mentioning. The game isn't too difficult, either; just make sure you search locations thoroughly in order to reveal hidden objects. This is definitely one of the better French adventures I've seen.

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