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Screenshot of Challenge of the Gobots

Challenge of the Gobots

(Reaktör, 1987)

Reviewed by Pug

Gog, the evil Gobot, is mining Moebius with the goal of creating an army of transforming killers. Gog's goal is to take over Earth. There is only one Gobot left on Moebius who will stop at nothing in preventing Gog's plans. You play Leader 1 and fly along a scrolling landscape taking out the miners in a Defender-style game. The controls can be tricky at times, but overall it's an easy game to get into. OK graphics with dual-plane scrolling is a rare thing on the CPC, but you get it in this game!

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Screenshot of Championship Baseball

Championship Baseball

(Gamestar, 1987)

Baseball is popular in America, but not all that popular elsewhere, and this game is a very poor representation of it. The graphics aren't the problem here – although the players are badly drawn, the game switches to an excellent animation sequence, shown from behind the batter, when it's time to pitch the ball. It's not that there's almost no sound, either. It's just that the game is very slow indeed, and it seems to be impossible to hit the ball without fouling. Even the computer can't hit the ball!

See also: Championship Basketball.

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Screenshot of Championship Basketball

Championship Basketball

(Gamestar, 1987)

If you're thinking that this is a 'proper' simulation of basketball, think again. It's a two-on-two game – in other words, there are only two people in each team, and rather than being able to travel up and down the court, the game is always played in one half of the court, and each team takes it in turns to aim the ball into the net. The graphics are small with a bad choice of colours being used, and there doesn't seem to be any sound. Anyway, it's an unexciting game that is awkward to play.

See also: Championship Baseball.

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Screenshot of Championship Jet Ski Simulator

Championship Jet Ski Simulator

(Code Masters, 1989)

This is essentially a cut-down budget version of Code Masters' earlier full-price release Jet Bike Simulator. There are still two difficulty levels, but now there is only one set of courses in each difficulty level (lakes for the easy level, and docks for the hard level). The only other differences are that the digitised speech has been re-recorded using a female voice, and the order of the courses on the hard difficulty level has been rearranged. Everything else about the game remains identical to Jet Bike Simulator, which means that while the lakes courses are quite enjoyable to play, completing just the first of the eight docks courses within the strict time limit and avoiding finishing last is a real challenge. It's better to play Jet Bike Simulator instead.

See also: Jet Bike Simulator.

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Screenshot of Championship Sprint

Championship Sprint

(Electric Dreams, 1988)

This is supposed to be the sequel to Super Sprint, but in reality it's just a re-released version with a built-in track editor. Other than that, there is literally no difference between the two games at all – at least, there were no differences that I could detect. OK, you can design your own tracks, and there are no on-track hazards such as oil slicks, but the game is still as boring as its predecessor and the graphics and sound effects are exactly the same.

See also: Super Sprint.

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Screenshot of Championship Water-Skiing

Championship Water-Skiing

(Infogrames, 1987)

As far as I know, this is the only simulation of water-skiing for the Amstrad CPC, and it was released as Les Dieux de la Mer in France. The title screen depicts the French water-skiing champion Patrice Martin, and you can take part in three disciplines – the jump, freestyle, and the slalom. The graphics and animation are very impressive indeed, and there are several jaunty tunes that play on the menu. However, playing the events isn't much fun. In the jump and slalom, there's no feedback to show how fast you're going as you approach the ramp, or how tight your rope is, and the slalom is particularly frustrating to play. It's easier to control your skier in the freestyle event, but it soon becomes boring. In summary, this game is nearly all style with little substance.

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Screenshot of Chaos Rising

Chaos Rising

(EgoTrip, 2018)

Reviewed by Missas

Amy returns in another adventure full of danger and excitement! She has to move through a variety of screens, avoid enemies and solve puzzles in order to gather all the precious jewels. The game offers Mode 1, four-colour graphics with the palette changing between screens. The predominant colour schemes used are green, blue, white and black. The sprites are nicely designed and they move fast, and there is an in-game tune as well. The gameplay is interesting and challenging but the game itself is rather short. Overall, it is a worthy addition to the Amy series.

See also: Concave, Ice Slider, Jewel Warehouse, Potato Rescue, A Prelude to Chaos.

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Screenshot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

(Hill MacGibbon, 1985)

This adaptation of Roald Dahl's much-loved children's book is very poor indeed. There are two sub-games and a platform game which can only be played properly if you complete both the sub-games first. In the first sub-game, you must guide Augustus Gloop through a network of pipes. As you walk left and right, the pipes re-arrange themselves. It's confusing and very difficult indeed. You play Violet Beauregarde in the second sub-game. You carry a board in front of you and must guide the blueberries into the hole so that the juice can be extracted from them. The main game is a standard platform game in which you collect Willy Wonka tokens. This is also very difficult. The graphics are crude and blocky and the gameplay is totally uninspiring.

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Screenshot of Charly Diams

Charly Diams

(Loriciels, 1987)

Reviewed by John Beckett

It came to Charly in a dream – a cave filled with blue diamonds. And the way to find that cave – to first find seven magical flowers. And so Charly's journey begins. And what an epic journey it is! Swimming the Bay of Bengal, meeting belly dancers in the desert, trudging through the Arctic, negotiating treacherous jumps in the Andes, all the while changing your outfit to whatever best suits the environment – for example, you can't swim in your hiking gear, but at the same time, you can't jump in your swimming trunks. This game is beautiful, colourful and has a great tune playing throughout. It's great fun, though it's hampered by the high difficulty level and the annoying way you are sent back to the start whenever you lose a life!

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Screenshot of Chase HQ

Chase HQ

(Ocean, 1989)

You're an American police cop with an ultra-fast sports car, and have to chase criminals in it and arrest them by ramming their car – although this isn't something I would want to do to a car as expensive as that! You're also racing against the clock, and Nancy, your boss, is not someone you want to mess with. This is a truly great game with some very good graphics, and it's fast as well! The sound isn't too good – engine noises and not that much else – but if you have 128K, then you'll be treated to some stunning digitised speech. This is definitely a game that is not to be missed.

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