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30th October 2014
A new game called Altair has recently been released. It's an unofficial conversion of a Spanish 1981 coin-op arcade game by Cidelsa. The person behind it goes by the rather bizarre pseudonym of Inmensa Bola de Manteca, which translates to "immense ball of butter" in English. The gameplay is quite similar to Galaxian and it's quite faithful to the original arcade version (footage of which is available on YouTube). You can download Altair from either NVG or from Inmensa Bola de Manteca's web site, and the source code for both the CPC and ZX Spectrum versions of the game is also available from the author's site.

16th June 2014
Crackers Velus have released their third game, called Kamyzol, and like their previous releases, it's a puzzle game. Each level contains several rectangular blocks which, depending on their orientation, can only be moved either horizontally or vertically, but not in both directions. There is also one block which is coloured red and must be moved to the exit – but this is not as easy as it sounds, because the blocks are enclosed within a confined space! As you can see from the screenshot on the right, the graphics are very basic, but don't let this put you off; it's quite a challenge, and Crackers Velus themselves warn that it may make you go crazy! You can download Kamyzol from NVG.

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3rd May 2014
40Crisis has done it again! This time, he has emulated Ultimate Play The Game's classic 16K ZX Spectrum game Jetpac on the Amstrad CPC. Jetpac was one of the first games that Ultimate Play The Game released back in 1983, and at the time, it set new standards of quality for ZX Spectrum games. Now this classic game can be played on a CPC – but you will need to download the original ZX Spectrum game, and as the Spectrum community is very strict about not allowing Ultimate's games to be downloaded, you won't find it on World of Spectrum, so you'll have to hunt for it yourself.

If you manage to find it, you can download the emulator from NVG, which contains a program that will convert the Spectrum version of the game to a DSK and CDT file which you can play on an emulator or transfer to a real CPC.

Although I owned a Spectrum in the 1980s, I never played Jetpac at the time, but this CPC conversion is a fantastic little game!

I have reviewed three games:

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