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16th June 2014
Crackers Velus have released their third game, called Kamyzol, and like their previous releases, it's a puzzle game. Each level contains several rectangular blocks which, depending on their orientation, can only be moved either horizontally or vertically, but not in both directions. There is also one block which is coloured red and must be moved to the exit – but this is not as easy as it sounds, because the blocks are enclosed within a confined space! As you can see from the screenshot on the right, the graphics are very basic, but don't let this put you off; it's quite a challenge, and Crackers Velus themselves warn that it may make you go crazy! You can download Kamyzol from NVG.

I have reviewed two games:

3rd May 2014
40Crisis has done it again! This time, he has emulated Ultimate Play The Game's classic 16K ZX Spectrum game Jetpac on the Amstrad CPC. Jetpac was one of the first games that Ultimate Play The Game released back in 1983, and at the time, it set new standards of quality for ZX Spectrum games. Now this classic game can be played on a CPC – but you will need to download the original ZX Spectrum game, and as the Spectrum community is very strict about not allowing Ultimate's games to be downloaded, you won't find it on World of Spectrum, so you'll have to hunt for it yourself.

If you manage to find it, you can download the emulator from NVG, which contains a program that will convert the Spectrum version of the game to a DSK and CDT file which you can play on an emulator or transfer to a real CPC.

Although I owned a Spectrum in the 1980s, I never played Jetpac at the time, but this CPC conversion is a fantastic little game!

I have reviewed three games:

19th April 2014
Richard Lamond has reviewed ten games, most of them text adventures:

6th April 2014
Kukulcan, the administrator of the well known CPC-POWER site, recently released a new game called Superpix. If you like Picross puzzles, then you'll love this game. Picross games such as iLogicAll and Pix have been released for the CPC before, but Superpix boasts a massive 720 puzzles to solve! It also saves your scores to disc, and if you're not familiar with Picross puzzles, then a helpful tutorial is also provided on the disc. You can download Superpix from NVG, and there is more information at CPC-POWER.

A new contributor, Richard Lamond, has reviewed eight games:

30th March 2014
Missas has reviewed two games:

By the way, I programmed the CPC versions of both of these games! :-)

5th March 2014
Crackers Velus have released another new game called Gliece Security. It's another puzzle game in which you have to move coloured keys around a confined space and match them with the locks of the same colour. The problem is that all the keys move simultaneously; you can't move each key individually! There are 60 puzzles, and you must solve them all within 22 minutes. You can download the game from NVG. Missas has written a review of Gliece Security.

Another game which emerged a few weeks ago, but which I didn't report on at the time, is Ant Attack. This 1983 ZX Spectrum classic has been emulated on the CPC by 40Crisis, who also released an emulated version of another ZX Spectrum game called Maziacs on the CPC a few months ago. You can download Ant Attack from NVG. However, if you do this, you will also need to download the original ZX Spectrum game from World of Spectrum, as Sandy White, the original author of Ant Attack, hasn't officially given permission to allow free distribution of the game – although it has been available to download for years, and Sandy White has his own website which includes a page about Ant Attack and a guestbook with lots of messages from visitors who fondly remember the game. Having said that, you can also download the game from CPCRulez or CPC-POWER without having to download the ZX Spectrum version as well. Missas has also written a review of Ant Attack.

10th February 2014
Missas has reviewed La Guerra de Gamber.

9th February 2014
ESP Soft has released the first new Amstrad CPC game of 2014. It's called La Guerra de Gamber and it's a platform game in which you control the ex-soldier J. T. Gamber. Gangs now rule the streets, leaving the citizens in fear. You must single-handedly restore law and order to the city and make the streets safe once more over three levels of platforming action. You can find out more information about the game and download it from amstrad.es.

Missas has reviewed Cyber Chicken. Hopefully TFM will approve of the review this time! The review of the earlier version, known as Cyber Huhn, has been removed. Don't forget that you can still buy copies of Cyber Chicken! Prices are €15 for the cassette version and €17 for the disc version, excluding postage and packaging.

Finally, Carnivac is working on a game called RoboCop: Prime. Although it's being developed on the PC using GameMaker: Studio, the game will have a CPC look and feel, with 16-colour MODE 0 graphics! Carnivac has uploaded an early preview of the game to YouTube, which you can view below. You can follow the progress of RoboCop: Prime, and see more screenshots of the game, on Carnivac's Tumblr site.

Video preview of RoboCop: Prime on YouTube

8th January 2014
Missas has reviewed Kubmic.

5th January 2014
Pug has reviewed twelve games:

I have also uploaded new versions of screenshots that were saved in the CPC's low-resolution, high-colour MODE 0, so now they look much less blurry than before!

1st January 2014
A Happy New Year to all CPC fans! I hope you all had a merry Christmas as well.

Devilmarkus released a nice Christmas present on the CPCWiki forums – a modified version of Palace Software's classic one-on-one sword fighting game Barbarian. It's been renamed Death Sword (which is also the name of the game in the USA), and it features improved backgrounds and graphics, courtesy of MacDeath and TotO. The backgrounds also change on each level to add a bit of variety; in the original game, you could select a background to use, but once it was loaded into memory, it couldn't be changed without reloading the game. However, Death Sword requires 128K of memory in order to store all of the backgrounds in memory.

Devilmarkus has created a website where you can download the game. A manual is also available in PDF format, and if you're able to transfer the game to a 3″ disc, you can also download an inlay and a disc label.

Crackers Velus have also released a new game called Kubmic. It's a conversion of a Flash game which involves sliding coloured tiles on a 5×5 grid to recreate a pattern. You can download it from NVG.

Finally, César Nicolás González (aka CNGSoft) has released the tenth version of BB4CPC with several improvements to the gameplay. More details are available at the BB4CPC website. (To download the game from this site, click on the large "Bubble Bobble 4 CPC" logo at the top of the page.)

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